Has Your Phone Been Stolen?

Phones getting stolen was the greatest joke in the last millennium, say in the 1980s, or even the 1990s, at an age when fixed lines dominated the telecom sector. In the later half of the 1990s, the advent of cell phone industry boomed with the market expanding worldwide, reaching more customers. More and more people started to own mobile phones, of course, they all had paid prices that could be termed exorbitant in today’s standards.

What looked like a block of plastic brick was gradually shrunk to fit the size of your pockets, in the 2000s. The smaller size and versatility in their functionality rendered mobiles phones a must have among the young and old alike, with its possession forming a social standard during the last decade. Sure, we all have experienced the growth of the cell phone industry and you may be tempted to ask, why the recap?

As mobile phones became more portable, they got more popular, and carried the risk of getting stolen simultaneously. Thefts were reported as phones being stolen from the edges of windows while kept for charging, from the pocket of a bus passenger, gone from a restaurant table when not looking, and even robbed at knife point! While mobile companies were busy impressing their customers with crazy looking handsets, thieves were busy looking for the most vulnerable points of getting their hands on these devices.

Authenticative measures such as providing an IMEI number, tracking mechanisms, tracking softwares, sophisticated security systems, lock mechanisms, and the resulting police complaints have not yet deterred the cell phone thieves to carry on with their activity. To top it all, you might have also encountered an awkward situation of having to go to the local market looking for a used phone and happened to see your long lost love, the first phone you had purchased with your first salary, stolen a month back and lying there as a second-hand device looking for prospective buyers. The insurance companies then entered the scene promising to safeguard the interests of the buyers and replace with another phone, in case their phone gets stolen. The situation has been pro-customer since then, but the problem has not been 100% solved. People still steal phones, and people still are losing them while you are reading this article.

The Telegraph magazine reported a rise in mobile phone thefts by 25% in the past 3 years, which definitely puts a doubt on the credibility of the security our phones have. What is shocking more to anyone is that most of the thefts go unreported or, if reported, they get lost slowly and buried under other ‘priority’ cases in the jurisdiction of the concerned area. Very few instances come by as heart warming stories where phones have been returned to their owners by prompt citizens after efforts to make contact, and even local auto/taxi drivers going to the extent of delivering the forgotten phones to their owners without minding their usual shifts or routes.

Considering all the recent incidents and stories, we at Sangeetha Mobiles were prompted to offer our customers a suitable mechanism in this respect to secure their phones from being stolen, and if being stolen, a suitable solution for the same. We have brought out the SWIFT theft insurance against phones repeatedly getting lost, and so the cases. Upon their phones being stolen, the customers can contact the local police station or the station under the jurisdiction of the place where it was stolen, and file a complaint to report it. For phones ranging below Rs 5000, a yearly insurance of Rs 99/- would secure them; for phones ranging between 5000-15000, Rs 199/- would suffice and for phones costing above Rs 15000, a SWIFT insurance of Rs 299/- is provided.

All they have to do is register a complaint or FIR at the police station and submit the related documents such as the phone invoice during the purchase, phone bill from the network provider, and the relevant acknowledgement or the FIR report from to Sangeetha Mobiles outlet. After examining the facts, necessary arrangements will be made to replace the phone for the customers if the facts are found to be corresponding to the customer’s statement.

Besides, like the old adage goes, “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”! So make sure you have an eye on your device wherever you go, because it’s not the phone that could get lost, but also valuable personal data along with it.

Watch out for more blog posts from Sangeetha Mobiles in this space. Good day!



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