Freedom of Intrusion!

The previous week in the United States of America has seen an uproar by the masses with what can be termed as one the gravest breaches of the codes of conduct by the Government of USA. As a country, USA is technically and economically advanced several fold with newer inventions and discoveries happening every day. The flipside of such a development is the need to accommodate all that knowledge inaccessible to the wrong hands, which naturally falls upon the Government as an innate duty. Bizzarely, as the various news reports and public social media posts around the world indicate, the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) enabled PRISM bears the brunt for invading the email records, phone conversations, and millions of SMSs exchanged within USA and other countries, all while the public being kept in the dark.


All of this was exposed last week on the 6th of June, by an ex-CIA employee,¬†Edward Snowden, who has reportedly given up his job, $200,000 home, and various other incentives and moved away to the Philippines with his girlfriend, anticipating the NSA and CIA ops to barge into his new ‘hideout’ anytime. Protests and petitions are galore all over the world to avoid his arrest, as the people rightfully believe the Government is at fault by illegally and unofficially intruding into the private lives of several American citizens. Alas! The Govt. never had it coming and probably assumed nobody would ever come to know of this operation, no matter however they claim it to be an anti-terrorist agenda, “at least thwarting one terrorist attack across the country and saving American lives”.

The central debate here is, how immune are we to authoritative intrusion given in such a scenario, where a majority of masses cannot even foresee what their Government is upto. We are assured a constitutional set of rights that ensures our ‘Freedom of Expression’ under the radar of which, we are allowed to air our views and opinions into any accessible media. Before all of this were several of them, Julian Assange being a notable figure in bringing to light many of those ‘scams’ across boundaries of various countries and their governing bodies.

With companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others reportedly said to have shared information about its clients, the time falls upon to expose the social security of every individual stark naked.


The above picture is just one of those staggering reports exposed by Wikileaks.

Then comes the issue of censoring information, what the governing authorities deem necessary and fit to go for the public audience, which does not seem to have had much of an impact on the masses, who are resilient than before to vent their opinions. These types of exposures, which though seemingly rapid and rampant these days, were extremely difficult to achieve a decade ago, possibly because of the absence of networking and social media connectivity of today. Bringing such awareness to the whole population was possible, partially with the internet, but TV and mass media played a huge role in conveying such incidents to the people. These opinions were, in effect, monologous with the critiques and expressions of the media persons largely influencing the analytical freedom of the audience. As social media and networking boomed over the passing years, people started to realize the potential of educating the masses, sharing ideas, opinions, and having a say in important discussions that would be published later. These opinions carried the power to change the perspectives of a whole nation, with the furore caused by the Delhi rape incident to prosecute the culprits, being only an example to such magnanimous potential the masses hold.

With such an awareness, together we can hope for an accountable authority that lies answerable to its citizens about any of its activities, rather than submissing such demands under the name of national security and top secrecy, be it any nation, because, one day, the truth shall come out raw or cooked, and it will still be the truth. Such instances are not yet exposed or experienced in India to a ‘noticeable’ scale, but the networking and information sharing can make this happen, for good or bad, as we alone can interpret it to be.



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